Who am I?

My name is Gavin Taylor, a PHP developer based in Manchester, North-West England. I have been developing website's and writing scripts/api's for many years now starting back when I was at school, through college and university and into my adult working life.

I've learnt many different web technologies along the way and several tools to use them. I was there when flashing gifs and construction signs were cool and table layouts were the way to go. As with any trade the tools and methods change and so I regularly research new and upcoming technologies to ensure I keep up with the latest developments.

I have designed many websites over the years, as a freelance developer for friends, family and local business to large business websites in my current role as a PHP Developer for a leading UK hosting company. I always build website to the latest standards and always with cross-browser compatibility and accessibility in mind.

I am experienced with several web design and development tools, both open-source and commercial, that aid in the development of a project from graphics packages to design the look and feel of a site, through to text editors and IDE's to code the backend framework of the site and last but not least, version control, continuous integration and deployment tools to prevent the costly mistakes that eventually always happen.

Im not looking for new employment or currently taking on any new freelance projects, but if you need any advice or recommendations of developers that may be interested in a project, then feel free to get in touch. If you are interested in the work I am doing or things Ive worked on previously, have a look over on my online protfolio or my experiments page.