Online Portfolio for Manchester developer Gavin Taylor

The purpose of this website is to act as an online portfolio for Gavin Taylor, showcasing a few of the projects past and present he has been involved in. Its also the home of Gavin's blog where he witters on about his life as a web developer, everything from projects he's currently working on to the odd bit of industry news he thinks people may be interested in.

Although Gavin specialises in PHP development, He classes himself more as a "web developer" as he deals with everything from the design and build of websites through to server configuration and not just back-end php development. So PHP developer doesnt quite cover everything he does but PHP is what he loves and where he shines best.

If you woud like to find out more information about Gavin, his background, skills etc, check out the about Gavin page, it should answer any questions you may have, if not please feel free to drop him a message.

For examples of Gavin's work please see his online portfolio and if you wish to discuss a project please do not hesitate to leave a message on the contact page.

Thankyou for visiting...