Bing to power Yahoo

Microsoft and Yahoo yesterday announced a 10 year partnership to help each other on the web.
Microsoft will help Yahoo by providing Bing to power Yahoo! Search and a return in revenue generated through Yahoo’s many portals, in return Yahoo will become the “worldwide exclusive relationship sales force” for both companies helping Microsoft with its online sales and promotion.

Im not sure if this is a good thing or not, on the one hand its a shame to see an internet pioneer hang up its search engine boots in favour of the blood money it will get from Microsoft for embedding bing, but then Yahoo is a network going nowhere but downhill, used only by those that have used it since the early days or those that cant figure out how set a new homepage, missing out on the new generations as they flock to cool uncle google for their search needs, the revenue they will make from Microsoft will probably help the name Yahoo! stay in the headlights that little bit longer.

You can read more on the Yahoo! corporate Blog or the special site set-up to answer your questions.

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