Firefox 4 Beta has landed

I mentioned last week on Twitter that I had been using the Fx4.0 alpha at home in preparation for the Fx4.0 Test Day (last Friday) and how impressed I was with it. Apart from the extra space saved from removing the title/menu bar the browser felt obviously faster and more stable than previous alpha and […]

Firefox 3.5.3 available for testing

Mozilla have announced the next available Firefox build for developers. This release contains mainly security and stability fixes, details of which can be found in the FF3.5.3 bug list Anyone riding the BETA channel can do a manual update to download ff3.5.3 otherwise you can download from here –

browsers browsers everywhere…

This week sees the release of several new web browsers for us all to play with, hot on the heels of its big brother, Opera Mobile 9.7 was released yesterday as a beta, Mozilla have announced a developer release of Firefox 3.5 and Apple have officially released version 4 of Safari and removed its beta […]