Ive been a big fan of Speedtest.Net for a long time, back when I was in Broadband Tech Support we used to advise customers to test using this site rather than others they found or knew about already. Unfortunately they seem to be adding more and more adverts onto the site the last few years […]

and then there were… Five!?

A couple of months ago, Opera announced they were dropping Presto in favor of WebKit to allow them to spend their time focusing on the browser rather than the HTML rendering engine within it. This was seen by some people as a loss for web standards as Opera were the major company pushing standards and […]

Page Speed Score [Update]

Back in May last year, I wrote a post about a new Firebug (for Firefox) Plug-in called Page Speed, that allowed you to test the load time of your website and get some useful tips on how to improve this. This week, Google took that idea and extended it into an independent online tool, making […]