Install Twonky on DNS-320

mainly for my own poor memory but also for anyone else that stumbles upon them. the default UPnP service on the 320 is shockingly poor, Twonky is the best replacement Ive found although does require a license. get latest version: (for DNS320 use Kuro Box Pro) credit/more info visit: If upgrading from a […]

implementing tel: links

As more people turn to mobile devices to browse the web, one really useful way of catching the all important website lead, and more importantly making your users life easier, is by using tel: links to allow visitors to click a phone number on the site and have the browser auto populate the phones dialler […]

Page Speed Score [Update]

Back in May last year, I wrote a post about a new Firebug (for Firefox) Plug-in called Page Speed, that allowed you to test the load time of your website and get some useful tips on how to improve this. This week, Google took that idea and extended it into an independent online tool, making […]