Install Twonky on DNS-320

mainly for my own poor memory but also for anyone else that stumbles upon them. the default UPnP service on the 320 is shockingly poor, Twonky is the best replacement Ive found although does require a license.

get latest version: (for DNS320 use Kuro Box Pro)

credit/more info visit:

If upgrading from a previous version of Twonky

Close twonky if still running:
sh /ffp/start/ stop

Now backup your Data folder, and remove twonky:
cd /ffp/opt
mv ./twonky/data /ffp/opt/twonkydata
rm -R twonky

Then do a reinstall:
mkdir -p /ffp/opt/twonky/
cd twonky
wget http://LINK-TO-ZIP
unzip twonky-*.zip
rm twonky-*.zip
mkdir twonkywebdav
chmod +x twonkyserver twonkystarter twonkyproxy twonkywebdav plugins/* cgi-bin/*
wget -O /ffp/start/
wget -O /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkyserver-default.ini
[[ $(ls -1 /mnt|grep -c HD_a2) -eq 0 ]] && sed -i -e 's!/HD_a2!/HD/HD_a2!g' -e 's!/HD_b2!/HD/HD_b2!g' /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkyserver-default.ini

Move the data folder back:
mv ./twonkydata /ffp/opt/twonky/data

Start twonky to see if it works:
sh /ffp/start/ start

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  1. Si Si says:

    After suffering 2 years of using my 320 in its standard configuration I stumbled on you blog. Thanks to you I now have a working Twonky server installed and my Panasonic TV (an me) love you. Thanks for inspiring me to try (and succeed) in installing Twonky.