Firefox 4 Beta has landed

I mentioned last week on Twitter that I had been using the Fx4.0 alpha at home in preparation for the Fx4.0 Test Day (last Friday) and how impressed I was with it. Apart from the extra space saved from removing the title/menu bar the browser felt obviously faster and more stable than previous alpha and even beta releases.

Yesterday Mozilla announced the build has reached BETA and is ready for the more cautious developer to start playing with it. Firefox 4.0 comes with lots of new bells and whistles, you can find a full feature list here, most notable the new UI design and enhancements in <hmtl5> and CSS3. There are also lots of new developer api’s for us to play with including websockets and local indexeddb’s.

If your already surfing the beta channel wave, you should be able to just “upgrade now” although my work machine didn’t find it so had to install it manually. Those of you running a stable realease or want to install manually can do so via the usual beta release channel.

For more information on please read the Mozilla Announcement on their blog.

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