Hello world!

Well I finally decided to take that next step and write a blog.

Mainly so I can keep people updated as to whats happening in gavs world and also so i can keep a note of thats happening….( im starting to forget things in my old age…)

Its probably not going to be updated a lot as i dont really have time to sit here and write a diary so im going to aim for an update once a week, highlighting the main things that have happened or i found interesting.

As with any blog, i must add a few shameless plugs

That will do for now, I could add a huge list but i cant be bothered.

I have just added a default template for now, i will add a site design to the list of things to do, but for now this one will suffice. As you can see its a blank canvas, I will be updating and adding content when I get time, there’s no rush as your probably the first person to read this and the next reader wont be for another week and then again it will propably be you leah… 🙂

Well its just gone 7am so that means its time to stop playing on the pc and get ready for work.

UKFast…. here I come……. damn another shameless plug…. 😉

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