how time flies….

Well i’m not going to say I told you so but I have even managed to surpass my own expectations when it came to how long it would be until my next post on here. I know my aim of once per week was probably optimistic but i didn’t think it would be 4 months before i would get around to posting on here again….

So…. what’s happened in the 4 months since i decided to open the book that is my blog, well ihave been working away at UKFast, Charlie has been growing up and me and leah have argued, made up, had fun, gone out, watched tv, the usual really.

Lets start with work….l its been 6 months since i jumped the sinking Pipex ship now and i can honestly say it was the best decision i made, missing out on the four grand redundancy payout was a shame but the job i have now more than makes up for it. Being asked to rebuild the main ukfast company sites is still probably the best moment so far, closely followed by the collective bad drunken dancing on the r+d night out a couple of weeks ago lol…..

On the 17th of November i finally go on the mad ukfast trek up snowden, i never understood why people want to spend the afternoon walking up the side of a mountain, but nows my chance to find out. I will be spending a 3 day trip to Castell Cidwm, UKFasts training facility down in Wales, my next post will probably be after this as i can update you all on if i made it or not.

I just had to take a pause from writing this as charlie has woken up from his nap, and i’ve just had to make him a snack of fruit squash and biscuits, so this is probably a good time to mention how he’s doing.

Charlie is an amazing 1 year, 3 months, 16 days old today, still feels like only last week he was coming into the world feet first kicking and screaming , he’s no longer a baby that sits around doing nothing but a little boy. He walking and running around can feed himself bananas, biscuits and most other finger food, he’s started talking, not much but its a start, and can say dada, dad, and adaba, not sure what adaba means but your son calling you dad is probably the greatest thing ever. for pictures of the little fella check out facebook, no point me putting pictures everywhere and leah keeps these upto date with the latest ones.

He’s also starting to be a pain in the arse…. and i know its only going to get worse…. a few weeks ago he found a couple of buttons on the side of the big box with people trapped inside that mummy and daddy keep watching, it turns out when this button is pressed the box turns off and daddy jumps up and picks him up, charlie likes this game and so trys to turn the tv off whenever we are watching it.

Leah is doing well, she has a part-time job in co-op, doing the usual retail thing, i think she enjoys being out the house and back at work but dont think shop work is for her….

well thats enough from me for now, hopefully i will post another update before another 4 months has passed but no promises….

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