standards>next: CSS3

Last night I went along to the latest standards>next meetup, to learn about the exciting new features we get to play with in CSS3 and though I’d share the slides.

CSS3: stay tuned for style – @chrisdavidmills

Typography online – @jake74

Adaptive layouts – @patrick_h_lauke

CSS3 for dynamic, responsive UIs – @13twelve

the first three may not be much use as without the talk the slides dont really help if you weren’t there, but they do contain links to other articles etc that you may find useful. The adaptive layouts talk was particularly interesting as we are going to have to start thinking about mobile devices in our designs/work.

The last link isn’t slides but an example site he used for his talk. It contains examples of what we can do with CSS3 in terms of transitions and animations.

The examples are best viewed in chrome especially the animations (in fact the animations only work in chrome), but as animations should be done with JavaScript not css that’s not really problem as we would never use it cross browser.

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