Firefox 3.5 release candidate (3.5rc1build2) released to developers

Mozilla today pushed out their first release candidate build of Firefox 3.5 to developers. This latest update contains several bug fixes and the build is now stable enough for general browsing, although Mozilla have yet to complete the quality assurance testing required before an official product release. The final release of Firefox 3.5 is expected later this month.

This update is not being made available via direct download and only via auto-update through the Beta channel. If you are currently running a Beta build, select “Check for Updates…” in the “Help” menu.

As always developers should read the Firefox 3.5 for Developers article on the Mozilla Developer Center to keep up to date on latest bug fixes and known problems.

Update – 17/06/09 @ 19:32

Mozilla released an email to the beta mailing list last night to clarify the roll out process, for those of you that aren’t on the mailing list, here it is.

Update – 20/06/09 @ 10:32

The release candidate has now been released to the general public, you can download FF3.5rc2 here

Update – 26/06/09 @ 11:06
Mozilla have now pushed out an updated release candidate for us to test, download FF3.5rc3 here

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