Google Webmaster Central Channel

I’ve been listening and watching these videos for a long time and was speaking to a fellow developer last night and he didnt know about them!
So I thought today I would make a quick post to let everyone know what they are and why you should listen to them.

What is the Google Webmaster Central Channel?
Its a channel on Youtube that is used mainly by Matt Cutts (project leader of Googles web spam team) to pass on little snippets of info and answer questions made by Joe Public and his wife on the Google Forum. It is also used by other teams, to give useful information and advise on how to make the most out of Google and the web as a whole.

Why should I watch them?
Why not? Google are market leaders in their field and they are giving advise (for free) on how to improve your website, I’ve learnt many tips and tricks from watching the videos and a lot of them have helped out a lot.

Where can I watch the videos?
Here is the answer, on YouTube –

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Enough of me, let me know your thoughts below...