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Google today launched a new section to their webmaster tools called ‘Labs‘.
This new section currently contains two tools to allow you to further manage and optimise your website.

The first is called ‘Fetch as Googlebot’ as allows you to view the information that Googlebot retrieves when it visits ont of the pages on your site. This is what people, webmasters and SEO ‘experts’, are most likley to be interested in. At fist glance it appears to be just the source code of a page, and while yes it is, it does also contain the server headers that were detected, so you can use the two to determin if googlebot sees your page as you want it to.

The second feature is a Malware status page, this feature has been around for a while outside the webmaster tools, if you knew where to find it, and its a useful tool is your site does contain some dodgy code, its good to see this is now part of the webmaster tools and easier to find.
There is a good post on the Google Security Blog that can tell you more about Malware detection so rather than write about it myself, I’ll refer you to it.

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  1. duncan duncan says:

    For some reason the browser I got doesn’t show your page properly… It looks like some part of it is missing and the template of your article does not look right. Can you confirm that this post has been tested under Safari?