IE8 vs FF3.1

As microsoft push their latest version of Internet Explorer into RC1, our better more reliable brother Firefox is struggling to get out of beta 3. While the two companies battle it out with who will release the next version first, i thought i would bive my two cents so to speak.

I have been playing with the IE8 betas since BETA1 was realeased all those months ago and i have to admit the RC1 is actually quite good, the progress in the browser since the first beta was releases is very good. When i quickly browsed the net and viewed my sites in B1 they were all over the place, broken css and javascript errors glaor. Now with RC1 freshly installed the majority of sites seem work fine without having to resort to the awkward compliants mode ( switch back to IE7 mode ) they have bolted on for all the lazy designers/programmers who built IE only versions fo websites. I am acually quite excited about the release of Internet Explorer 8 as it marks the start of a new generation of websites that are standards compliant from the go, without horrid IE hacks that a lot of sites seem to use.

Again the hopefully imminent release of Firefox 3.1 as got me excited, not only do we finally get the P0RN mode we have been waiting for we also start to get some CSS3 functionality we can use, most notably the use of web fonts, no more can will we be stuck with the handful of web fonts we have used for so long but with the quick upload of a public font we will be away with great typography and great looking websites.

There are a host of new features coming in FF3.1 and im not going to go through them all but i still think its the best browser you could possible choose to use but here are links to both so you can choose

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