standards>next: HTML5 from the ground up (redux)

Last night I went along to an ‘informal bootcamp’ on HTML5 hosted by Opera developers Patrick Lauke and Chris Mills. Together with some guest speakers they present standards>next, a Manchester meetup to discuss new web technologies and how we can use them today.

This session is actually a repeat of the session they did with fellow Opera developer Bruce Lawson back in September, but luckily for me they decided to repeat it for those unable to make it first time round.

Bruce was unable to make it to this session, but Patrick more than made up for this be presenting valid arguments for why we should be incorporating HTML5 into our work, outlining the pitfalls and cross browser compatibility issues we have with using HTML5 today. He also quickly lead us through the new elements, api’s and showed lots of examples of what we will be able to do in the coming months.

Unfortunately for me, this session didn’t really teach me much, having watched Bruce Lawson present a similar talk at Disruptive code in September this served more as a refresher, but still very interesting and was good to talk to people afterwards and discuss things in more details with Patrick.

You can view the sides from the talk on SlideShare:

I recommend you also watch Bruce’s talk at the Disruptive Code conference:

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