HTML Toolkit Add-on

I found a very useful add-on this weekend for use with the open source editor Komodo (both IDE and Edit).
Its built by a chap called Stan Angeloff and is called HTML ToolKit.

What is it?
A growing collection of tools to help you edit & author HTML/XML documents.

What does it do?

  • Auto-complete HTML/XML tags. Knows all about HTML 4/5 and won’t auto-complete invalid tags. Recognises block (<div>, <blockquote>, etc.) and empty elements (<hr />, <embed />, etc.) and completes accordingly
  • Quickly convert word under cursor to a tag by pressing Ctrl+>
  • Default snippets for most common HTML that don’t get in the way
  • Insert &nbsp; entities by pressing Shift+Space
  • Create new list items, table rows, columns, etc. just by pressing ENTER
  • Wrap selection/current line in a tag by pressing Ctrl+Alt+W
  • Navigate around closing tags by pressing TAB/Shift+TAB to go back
  • Preview images in CSS files by holding down Ctrl and moving the mouse pointer over a ‘url(…)’

Why should I install it?
Because it will save you time.. I only installed it this weekend and have found it to become a very useful addition to my development tools.

How can I get it?
Visit the Activestate Community website and search through the available add-ons, alternatively you can clicky here to download

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